About Us

Blind Eye was founded in 2018 by like minded people with a clear vision. We aim to perform one play and one musical a year with strong links to highlighting things that people turn a ‘Blind Eye’ to in society.

As a company Blind Eye recognises the strong link between positive mental well being and theatre.

We work to promote the benefits of theatre and how it can help to build confidence and skill sets as well as offering the opportunity to meet and work with new people, working towards a shared goal.

We are proud of our accomplishments as well as raising awareness and funds for the mental well-being charity Mind.

Our objective is to create a healthy and safe space for members of our community to explore their
interests in theatre.


Lindsey Hemingway

Lindsey joined the Blind Eye Team in its infancy back in 2017 and has enjoyed the challenge along with the Blind Eye Team of setting up a new production company and being its Secretary and Treasurer. So far she has taken part in all of Blind Eye’s Productions and is loving every moment.

Lindsey has been an active member of various groups around Nottingham for many years, after first joining The Bonington Players at aged 20 and has enjoyed acting, singing and dancing in many productions over the years, as well as taking on stage management and directing in more recent years, all of which she takes great pleasure in undertaking.

Lindsey’s full-time job is as a Specialist Nurse in Respiratory medicine, she has been in her current role for 10 years, prior to that she was a Staff Nurse on a Ward looking after Infectious Disease patients.

Since starting acting back in 1999 her confidence has grown and grown and she could not ever imagine her life without performing in it. She has gone from a shy, quiet young lady to a strong and independent woman and is proud of what Blind Eye are now achieving.

Marketing Manager/Safeguarding Manager

Beth Duffy

Beth joined Blind Eye back in 2018 as a cast member in Blind Eye’s first ever show ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’ Since then, Beth has appeared on stage in several of Blind Eye’s productions as well as directing Blind Eye’s first musical, ‘Gypsy’ in 2023. Beth has performed from a young age and has always had a passion for theatre, performing and working with several groups in and around Nottinghamshire.

Beth is very open about how theatre has supported her with her mental health and believes that theatre and performing, specifically with Blind Eye, has helped her to become the person that she is today.

Outside of Blind Eye, Beth works as a Deputy Manager at a private day nursery and has a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Studies. Beth is also a licensed children’s theatre chaperone and has a passion for all things childcare, education and children’s theatre which led her to becoming Blind Eye’s Safeguarding Manager.

Paul Duffy

Paul joined Blind Eye in 2020 for their production of ‘The Three Musketeers’, for which he received a Special Mention for Best Supporting Actor at the NANDA Awards.

Since then, Paul has appeared in several productions as well as working on audio/visuals. Paul won the NANDA Award for Best Technical Presentation for his work on the 2022 production ‘A Christmas Carol.’

Paul has been acting and directing for many years and has a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. Paul has appeared on stage with other groups within Nottingham as well as on camera in several short films.

Outside of theatre, Paul is a qualified martial arts instructor with a sixth degree black belt in various styles. Paul also enjoys his day job working in a toy shop and has a passion for all things pop culture.

A/V Manager
Fundraising Manager/Mental Well Being Champion

Adam Chapman

Adam started his BlindEye journey in 2018, performing in the production ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’, since then he performed in other productions including his favourite role as the Duke of Buckingham in the show ‘The Three Musketeers’.

As well as performing Adam is a trustee of the company and as well as helping with costuming productions and directing he is also the mental well-being manager, working towards promoting the positive implications of theatre with regards to mental well-being.

Stephanie Timbol

Stephanie co-founded blind eye productions with Paige and JJ about 5 years ago when they met at another theatre group.

Stephanie used to be part of a dance class many years ago and was a in various musicals back in the day, mainly with Bonington Theatre. Now, she works behind the scenes taking pictures and creating social media content
for Blind Eye Productions.

Social Media Manager

John McCormack

JJ created BLINDEYE Productions back in 2018 alongside Stephanie and Paige as a creative outlet for his passion for drama, singing and dance. The main goal of BLINDEYE Productions was surrounding inclusion and opportunity for all.

JJ has a professional dance and performing background working both Nationally and Internationally. As the Chairman he is active in many areas of BLINDEYE but his favourite element is the design and creation of award winning costumes.

Performing or Directing JJ is happiest when surrounded by his BLINDEYE Family – often performing in other societies and bringing his enthusiasm to all.